Day In The Life | Daily Vlog | Business Owner Daily Routine

Day In The Life | Daily Vlog | Business Owner Daily Routine

In this week’s blog, Brad and Aubrie share a day in the life of what they do! Owning multiple businesses and being a parent is really hard at times, and it takes a lot of effort to balance the work to be as successful as they are. 

A Day In The Life 

Their day begins at 7:00 am by making breakfast for Lettie!

"Welcome to a day in the life of the Bromlows! Lettie goes to preschool at 9 am, 2 days a week, and 7:30 am 2 days a week. On Fridays, she doesn't go at all. Our routine is getting her ready for school as well as cleaning up the house before heading out the door. Brad had some early morning emails to get to and that means Aubrie has to get ready so Lettie gets to watch some cartoons!

It is 8:50 am and now that Brad and Lettie are gone, I have 10 minutes before I start working to put together my outfit on Tik Tok. It is my favorite time of day, I just have a lot of fun putting an outfit together even if I am going to the gym or just picking up Lettie from school. Go check me out on Tik Tok if you haven’t yet! I also share a lot of mom stuff too.

It is around 9:10, it took me around 20 minutes to edit that video and get it ready to post later. Right now I am making myself breakfast which is an Oikos Triple Zero yogurt. I am obsessed with pomegranate seeds lately and I add some granola to it"


(Brad) "I have meetings all day starting at 11am until 4pm. Modiv and MemoriesOverMacros have a meeting with FitLegacy Agency which is the marketing company that we use. There is another meeting with Elm Coast Agency which is what we do our influencers through Grin with. Then Aubrie and I have a meeting every Wednesday that we schedule from 3pm to 4pm.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with Hershey's so I will probably have to get some stuff ready for that meeting. 11:30am - This is why sometimes I feel like it is boring to vlog because all we do is just sit at our computers and work. Aubrie and I just finished up with FitLegacy talking about MODIV. Instead of working out this morning, I came to the office and did some stuff for Fat & Weird.

I did a push notification on our app, and then I did an SMS notification to tell people that they can download our app. We do free gifts with purchases on our app, you get more points, and there are app exclusives so if you don't have the app, go download it now! Just search for Fat & Weird Cookie in the Google or Apple store and download the app.

Now I am getting ready to go to the gym before the meeting I have at 1:15 pm with FitLegacy for MemoriesOverMacros. What are you doing right now, Aubrie?"

Gym Time!

Aubrie is finishing up her computer work so that she can go to the gym at noon and do CrossFit before joining the MemoriesOverMacros meeting. She will pick Lettie up from school at 2 pm but will continue to do more work after that. Austin will be at the gym filming to do a mic ’d-up reel and maybe a few other things to include.

Skipping ahead to Aubrie at the gym, "It’s a really confusing partner workout, and I don’t know why it’s so confusing, so we're just working out for 20 minutes. We are doing front squats, ball walls, and lots of cardio machines." After the workout, she has 10 minutes until the MemoriesOverMacros meeting begins, at which point she will just be in her car for that. Once she arrives home, Aubrie makes a protein shake using PEScience vegan protein powder.

Finishing Work

At 2 pm Aubrie picks Lettie up from school. "The nanny watches her from 2 pm to 5 pm so that we have time to get a few more things done. The hours she is at school, right now, do not seem like enough time to get things done the way that we want so just a couple of days helps us a ton."

Brad, "It is now 3 pm, and I had lunch at his desk after the gym while in meetings so now Aubrie and I are having our meeting together. We decided to do an hour meeting every week so that we both can discuss work stuff within working hours.

This is so important as a business owner and being married because if you don’t set aside time there will be little 10, 15, 20 minutes or even hour-long conversations about things we were not in the mood to talk about. It was 7pm and all we wanted to do was relax, spend time together and not talk about work so it's good to move some of that time in order to protect our relationship, marriage, and sanity.

End Of Day Fun

"So something we love to do and talked about, the only fun thing that came out of the meeting, was that we narrowed it down to a couple of cruises. So we will probably book a cruise in the next couple of days and it is most likely going to be Royal Caribbean. The rest of it is just business stuff! I feel like this is the worst vlog because parenting and making vlogs are hard. It's a lot of talking and sitting or a bunch of little things at once so they feel scattered.

Ok! So we get Lettie all ready for bed and now it is 7:50 pm, so we are getting on twitch for a bit. We had a Fat & Weird giveaway word so they can enter in to win a gift card! Monday and Wednesday, 7 pm to 8 pm CST. Before we end the night we usually clean up the house and watch the bachelorette."


At the end of the day, figuratively, Aubrie and Brad are very hard-working business owners and parents. They wanted to create a life that had meaning and to help others through fitness and motivation! But also have fun too. Working 9-to-5 jobs was just not a vision they had for themselves for the rest of their lives.

They are down-to-earth people who want to show others that there are good and bad days, not everything will be easy or go as planned! In fact, part of owning a business is JUST THAT - things go awry and you don't become successful overnight. Give it time but be consistent and stick with it! 

For more videos with Brad and Aubrie subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Instagram @bbromlow and @aubrieb

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