Back & Abs with Aubrie

Back & Abs with Aubrie



In this week's post, Aubrie demonstrates a back and abs workout that will leave you toasted. The exercises will train the Upper back, Lats, and Lower Back. She also includes plenty of ab work to maintain a strong core.

Strengthening the posterior chain (back, hamstrings, glutes) is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and posture; especially in a day and age where we're all sitting slouched over most of the day. 

The Workout

Aubrie begins her workout with a single arm bent over raise to target the rear delts and warm up the shoulders. She then moves on to a bent over dumbbell row to target the upper back.

Bent-Over Row

Aubrie starts her back workout with a bent over row using dumbbells. By hinging at the hips and driving her elbows back as far as she can, she engages the upper and mid back. The higher her arms are the more upper back this movement will engage, and the closer they are to the torso the more it will start to bias the lats.


This movement requires a lot of strength from our lower back and abs. The strength that is needed comes from our core to ensure that we do not lose balance but keep our abs strong. As you get better at this exercise the you'll notice everyday activities becoming easier - the core strength will translate well to daily life.

Ankle Grabbers

Ankle grabbers are an excellent oblique exercise. Lay down on your back with your legs bent your arms by your side. Then, slight raise your upper back & head off the floor. Next, slightly bend your left arm to touch your left ankle, quickly switching to your right and doing the same thing. Continue to alternate sides.

Lat Pulldown

There are 2 ways that you can perform a straight-bar lat pull down. The first is the wide grip lat pull down to target more of the upper back. Grip the bar slightly outside of shoulder width for this. 

The second way is the narrow grip which allow you to target more of the lats. Grip the bar in line with your shoulders for this variation.

When pulling the bar down with any variation, thinking about driving your elbows down. Make sure to sit straight up, brace your core, and avoid using momentum.

Pull-ups & Knee raises

These are both performed on a pullup bar. Begin the pull-up with your arms positioned slightly over shoulder with and pull your body up. It is important to remember that your chin needs to come up above the bar. To do the knee raises, keep the same posture as the pull-up but lift your knees up towards your chest. Exhale as you bring them up to fully contract your abs.

Safety Precautions

Chances of being injured are increased when a lifter does not follow safe practices. Keeping a stable form and proper alignment can be difficult for many to learn. Having an experience friend or professional alongside you can benefit you as they walk you through proper form and practices.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when performing any workout:

  • Keeping a braced core to keep your lower back safe.
  • Maintain a neutral spine.
  • Perfect your form with light weights and don't sacrifice it when pursuing heavier weights. 
  • Perform the movements with control and avoid jerking/momentum.
  • Pay close attention to controlling your breathing and avoid holding your breath.

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