Full Arm Day Workout

Full Arm Day Workout

In this week's blog, Brad and Aubrie take us to the gym! They aren’t sure yet if they will just give us helpful tips or show us a full arm workout. So stay tuned to see what they have in store for us!

The Workout

Brad and Aubrie arrive at the gym and decide to film the whole arm day. “One of the hardest parts about vlogging our arm days is that we use supersets so much that we just go back and forth between bicep & tricep exercises. Usually, we start on the cables and that’s what we are going to do now. 

(Brad) "When doing these exercises be sure you are not just going through the motions - so many times I watch people at the gym training their arms and they are just doing it to get it over with. Make sure that you are feeling it in your triceps and biceps and if you have to squeeze first and exaggerate the time-under-tension than you normally would, then do that.

A common thing that people do wrong when they’re doing tricep extensions is they will lean over and swing with their whole body. Instead, keep your chest upright and extend at the elbow with your upper arm locked in place."

(Aubrie) "Now we’re going to superset squatting bicep curls (still on the cables) with overhead tricep extensions. Start by pulling the rope away from you and locking your elbows out and then at the burnout right at the end keep your hands close together."

(Brad) "Aubrie likes doing rope tricep extensions but I prefer using a single handle and performing it above my head. It allows me to set up my arm in a more comfortable spot and get more range-of-motion. We're both still hitting the triceps just with slightly different variations. Next, we are doing dumbbell curls superset with skull crushers. 

One tip that applies to us all in training is to make sure you are going as heavy as possible but controlling the weight so you can still pause and squeeze the muscles. So stop worrying about using heavy weights with sloppy form make sure you get a full squeeze and do not just use your body and momentum to push the weight down.

The last move we did was a similar to a dip - it's essentially a tricep extension on the cables with your arms behind you. Try it out and see if it feels good for you!"


(Aubrie) "We like to do cardio at the end of every workout and usually like to target whatever we lifted. So today we're going to target our arms and we're going to do Tabata style. So we're gonna do 2 sets of this rope pulldown machine: 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest - then 20 seconds of ball slams with 10 seconds rest."

We hope you enjoyed this arm day, give it a try and let us know what you thought!

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