Build Bigger Lats

Build Bigger Lats



In this week's blog, Brad shows us some tips to optimize your lat training next time you're working out your back. 

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

"Truthfully there is no exercise that is the best exercise if you can't feel the connection with the muscle. So the reason I like this exercise so much is that it's so easy to feel that lat contraction. As you bend over to your side you're shortening that lat muscle and then you're pulling through. It's just really easy to get a good contraction in your lats this way. A small tweak you can make to this exercise is adding on handles like we just did here. All this is doing, is changing the grip as well as the way you pull, so you know if your hands are up and you pull down this is a different motion you can get a different contraction than if your hands are in a neutral grip."

High Row Machine

Using a High Row Machine can make a huge difference in growing your lats and biceps. Brad attaches handles onto each handle of the machine so that he can adjust his grip any way he wants. It gives a more natural feel and allows for a better contraction at the end of the rep. He also likes to keep a pretty limited range of motion to keep constant tension on the lats.

Cable Lat Pulldown

Another favorite exercise of Brad's is the cable lat pulldown. Begin this exercise by adjusting the weight and choosing a grip that's about shoulder-width apart. Depending on what specific muscles you want to work out there are different ways to position your grip. Trying them all will help you decide which ones are most beneficial.

There's the wide grip, the middle grip, and the close grip, all of which can be done with either a supinated (palms facing you) or pronated (palms facing away) grip. Pull the bar down to midline on your chest and keep your elbows tucked in to engage your lats. If your elbows start traveling behind you, you're pulling too low.


There are many ways in which you can train your lats, and finding the most optimal way for your structure may take some practice. Don't be scared to try different equipment, grips, and training styles. Brad likes to mix and match movements with equipment and that's what he found works best for him.

Next time you are in the gym, give some of Brad's tips a try! Make sure to follow him on Instagram @bbromlow for more helpful videos. 

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