Exercises For Mid and Lower Back

Exercises For Mid and Lower Back


Why Is Back Strength Important?

As we get older our bodies begin to change, specifically our joints; and as a result, we cannot perform the same way as we could. One of the most common places to face issues is our spine, which is responsible for central support function. 

Over time and with continuous physical activity, you can face some issues due to all the movement such as bending and twisting. The spine also protects the spinal cord and nerves that extend throughout the body. Damaging our spine can cause a lot of back pain and may even require surgery. So how do we prevent injury risk?

Issues with the Mid/Lower Back

Three possible causes of you back pain are smoking, obesity, and physical activity.

Smoking can cause inflammation in the body, as well as lowering our immune system. It takes longer to recover from sickness because smoking decreases blood cells that help us heal. Obesity puts additional stress on the spine which can cause damage over time. Carrying around an extreme amount of weight can cause the spine to tilt and become uneven.

Physical activity depends on how much and how often you are performing. You want your spine to be strong enough to support movement throughout your body. However, you also do not want to overdo exercise, especially with incorrect form, which can cause injury.

The Exercises

Here are a few moves to help strengthen your mid to lower back!


  • Low cable rows: Pull the cable towards you at belly button level - pause 1 to 2 seconds at each contraction

  • Superman: lay flat on your stomach with arms and legs straight, raise your arms and legs off the ground, and repeat.

Deadlifts, hyperextensions, and squats are a few more to help!

These are all great workouts to fix posture, reduce your risk of future injuries, boost bigger lifts, reduce lower back pain, and define that V shape physique.  

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