Shoulder Day With Aubrie Bromlow

Shoulder Day With Aubrie Bromlow

Shoulder Training

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex and fragile joints in the body. While training shoulders may look good, there are also several benefits to it beyond just improving their appearance.

By safely and adequately training the muscles surrounding the joint, you can enhance your posture create a stronger and more stable upper body.

There are many uses for the shoulder muscles like sports, lifting, and even daily task. It is vital to keep the joint and muscles strong to handle the stress of these activities.

By training all three parts of the shoulder (front, middle, and rear) you will ensure to not only build some great looking delts but also keep them safe, strong, and mobile! 

Here's a shoulder workout that will have you so pumped you won't be able to lift your arms!


4 rounds:

  1. 10 plate lateral raises
  2. 10 alt plate front raises
  3. 12 cable high pulls.

4 rounds:

  1. 8 seated shoulder press
  2. 10 bar front raises.

3 rounds:

  1. 10 press machine backward
  2. 10 press machine front facing.

And to finish off,

3xMAX reps Lateral Raise Machine


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