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Women's Iridescent Explore Tech Jacket

Women's Iridescent Explore Tech Jacket

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A jacket built for all climates. The Explore Tech Jacket features water resistant exterior, a high stretch mesh liner, branded pockets, fitted cuffs and full zip body. The Iridescent colorway was designed to be our statement piece. It features full body reflective technology to brighten up any night activity, but it is also designed with such elegance that it can be worn as a fashion piece. A true versatile jacket.


  • Modiv branded pockets and zippers
  • Water resistant 
  • Hexagon vents under hood for breathability
  • Pull strings on the sides to cinch the waist 
  • First look is greyish with a hint of color. When the light hits it, it lights up fully reflective!

Michelle is 5'5 and wears a small

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Materials / Fabric

Water resistant, high stretch mesh liner and hexagon vents under hood, flat seamed pockets, and reflective technology.

Care Instructions

Wash Cold. Hang dry.

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