Form. Function. Fashion.

As a brand, we aim to create functional, versatile, and quality pieces to help individuals feel confident and comfortable in all aspects of life.

Who We Are

MODIV is driven by 3 married couples. We wanted to start a clothing brand to create versatile pieces that could be used to sweat, run errands, take care of family, or meet up with friends, all while feeling comfortable and confident.

All 6 of us have so much knowledge and experience to offer, so we decided to work hard for ourselves and create something great!

Each one of us brings a unique strength that we are so passionate about, and we combine them to create the MODIV brand.

Our Core Values

Our 6 core values were hand picked by each individual owner.

These core values include community, diversity, integrity, versatility, longevity, and consistency. Each face of our hexagon logo represents a core value as well as each owner.